Ribbon Rose Tutorial

This is the card I posted the other day and here is the Ribbon Rose Tutorial.  I hope you enjoy.  
PPA 74 (2)
You will need these supplies:
  • Stampin Up Seam Binding:  approx. 1 yard which is 36"
  • Needle with large, thin opening for Seam Binding  *photo below*
  • Embroidery Floss to match Seam Binding
  • 1/8” Hole Punch *mine is the long reach*
Carla's Ribbon Rose Tutorial (23)
Carla's Ribbon Rose Tutorial (2)
Above:  Take a 3 X 3 piece of white/vanilla cardstock and mark the center.  Dot the center with a pencil and punch it out.  Now erase you lines as shown in #3.  As in step four, make 5 lines coming out from the center with your pencil... star shape.
Carla's Ribbon Rose Tutorial (3)As shown, above... using your small hole punch, punch out the end of each line, as in photo #6.
Carla's Ribbon Rose Tutorial (4)
Above is the needle you need for the ribbon.  Just pop into your local craft store and see which needle will accept a pc of 5/8” ribbon, even though SU Seam Binding is 1/2”.  The little extra room is good. 
Carla's Ribbon Rose Tutorial (5)
Carla's Ribbon Rose Tutorial (6)
Now with your embroider floss on a needle, come up from the backside into the center hole and tape down the end to your cardstock. 
Carla's Ribbon Rose Tutorial (7)
Now go down from the front into one of spokes and back up into the center.  Repeat until you have completed each spoke... see below for the finished piece.
Carla's Ribbon Rose Tutorial (8)
Carla's Ribbon Rose Tutorial (9)
Thread your ribbon, approx 1 yard/36",  but don’t knot it, tape the end down to the back of your cardstock, and bring it up from the backside to the front.  See the backside below...
Carla's Ribbon Rose Tutorial (10)
Front side, below...
Carla's Ribbon Rose Tutorial (11)
Now weave your seam binding, under the first spoke...
Carla's Ribbon Rose Tutorial (12)
Now weave over the next spoke.  Repeat this process, over and under your floss spokes, until you have wrapped the ribbon around at least 7 times.  You could need more, it will depend on how long your spokes are.  Mine were over an inch.
Carla's Ribbon Rose Tutorial (13)
Carla's Ribbon Rose Tutorial (14)
Just keep wrapping loosely over and under each spoke... be sure to let your ribbon twist.  This is a biggie!!!  My above photo’s shows my seam binding pretty straight.  Well, twist it as your pulling it thru, it will look more natural and you won’t have to tweak it much after the fact.
Carla's Ribbon Rose Tutorial (16)
If your ribbon isn’t twisting, hold up your needle and spin it so the seam binding twists.  Now, see how you can still see the embroider floss on your project... keep going around, over and under until you don’t. 
Now we’re at the end... I went down each hole to complete the petals all the way around.  You will go down, and then come up in the next and back down in the previous one.  Re-read this as your doing it, its easier.  Just finish it as there were 5 petals all the way around.  See photo below... starting at #1 and working to #2, then #3 and on around.  Tape off in the back when finished.
Carla's Ribbon Rose Tutorial (18)with text
 Carla's Ribbon Rose Tutorial (21)
Above is where I finished and will tweak it a bit.... with my fingers.   Pulling and twisting the folds a bit.  Fidget with it so you don’t see the cardstock thru the flower petals.
Carla's Ribbon Rose Tutorial (22)
I then cut and taped down the end of my Seam Binding, as in first step above.  I covered the entire back with Double Stick Tape, as above.
Carla's Ribbon Rose Tutorial (23)
See the hole, top right?  You can just tweak your seam binding so it doesn’t show.  
  • When weaving over and under, loose is better and let your seam binding twist.  Your petals will fold over just like real petals.  Go around until you no longer see your embroidery thread, 7 times plus.

PPA 74 (4)

PPA 74 (2)
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Luvin' the Hubs said...

I truly appreciate all the time and effort you took to put that tutorial together. Your rose, by far, is my favorite one I've seen!! And to think I will be able to make one now.....priceless! Just beautiful!
Thank you soooo very much, Carla Ü

Linda Callahan said...

This is one beautiful flower - I think my favorite and your tutorial is wonderful! You are a great teacher!

Mary Fish said...

Sensational card/rose and helpful tutorial. you are over 200000 visitors . . . gorgeous designs and great instruction are the reason why! congrats. mary

runzalot81 said...

This looks complicated but I can't wait to try it! TFS

Martha said...

wow, great tutorial. Your rose is perfect!!

lisa808 said...

Thanks for another great tutorial. Your rose is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Carla I'd like to echo runzalot81s comment.
Thank you for sharing this tut - your rose is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.

Mary Mac

Sillyfilly said...

I can't wait to try this tutorial. Think I even have the needle! I have been following your blog for a couple of months now and I love it. Thanks for the inspiration.

Pam~ said...

Great picture tutorial! This is one awesome flower!

Regina Mangum said...

You are the BEST teacher in the whole world, Carla! I have been waiting all weekend to see this tute. Thank you so much, dalring! XOXO

Babe O'Mara said...

This is one beautiful rose. Thanks so much for taking the time to show all of us how it's done. This is the prettiest rose I've seen. Love your site.


Kim said...

WOW Carla- SO gorgeous, but I am totally intimidated!!!LOL Great job with your tutorial!!

Anonymous said...

If you could e-mail me with a few suggestions on just how you made your blog look this excellent, I would be grateful.

Judy McMullen said...

Wow! What a great tutorial!! Thanks for sharing!!!

mmlong17 said...

What a beautiful rose and a great tutorial. This is must try. Thanks so much.

Eiglas said...

Wow Carla! That is SO cool!
I will be trying this!

Nancy said...

Carla, great tutorial. I just uploaded my 2nd card to SCS using your flower and added the link to your tutorial. Nancy littrell TFS

My Rose: http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/gallery/photo/1897511?&cat=19759

Marion E. said...

OMG..... I thank you from my heart for this fantastic and clear tutorial! I so love it! And are going to give this a sure try!
Thanks a million for this!

luv2stamp said...

Not only is this the prettiest ribbon rose I've seen, your card is gorgeous! I love the elegance it projects from the layout to the color. Great work!

Sue Bendinsky said...

Hi, I love this technique for making the flower, it is awesome! Thanks for sharing all of the pictures. I am definitely going to give it a try. Happy Sunday! Sue

Sue Bendinsky said...

Thanks for sharing I love this flower. It is amazing, I am going to have to try one of these asap! -Sue

Terry said...

I so appreciate all the time you took in doing this fantastic tutorial. I don't have sound with my video on my computer (kind of old), so seeing the steps is wonderful. This flower is so beautiful!!!
Mary Fish brought me to your website, but I will now be a faithful follower.
Again, thank you!

jaynegs said...

Beautiful card and layout. Love these ribbon roses. They really add ekegance to the card.

Micheline said...

Carla, your ribbon rose is so beautiful. I really hope to try it soon. I saw your card on Mary Fish's site. Plus I love the colors - the gray, pink and white. Stunning!
Mike Lueken

Kim Score said...

Thanks so much for sharing this cool tutorial!

ArtisticInkspirations said...

All your cards with the ribbon roses are fabulous!! Reminds me of Ribbon embroidery I used to do!!

Maree said...

Just goregeous!! Thanks so much for taking the time to show us how's it done :)

stampingt said...

This is soooo beautiful, I love making flowers and have tried just but about type. This is something I must try as soon as I finish I will be sending everyone here for the instructions. TFS!

stampingt said...

This is soooo beautiful, I love making flowers and have tried just but about type. This is something I must try as soon as I finish I will be sending everyone here for the instructions. TFS!

Jillwag said...

What a great tutorial!Thanks for posting it! These are gorgeous roses!

Trixi said...

You are a part of my inspiration page

Nicole said...

Darling! Thanks for the clear instructions for this clever technique. Nikki from Tikkido.com


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