Bath and Body Works Lotion Holder and Tutorial

I like to make something a little special to give my Cashiers at work for Christmas.   If you remember last year, I made them little notebooks for their purse.  If you’d like to see those, click here.

I have one high school gal at work, Emily, that just loves my hand lotion.  Every time I get it out of my purse, she says “me too, me too”.  Since I’m a tad too old to be her Mom, but not old enough to be her Grandma... it really tickles me that she’d like something I like.   So I thought it would be the perfect little gift for her.  Here’s the lotion holder I made for it. 

Bath and Body Works Lotion Finished

(I’m waiting on my order for tiny magnets to place  under the tab to hold it closed.)Bath and Body Works Lotion Finished (7)

Here’s my tutorial if you’d like to make it...Bath and Body Works Lotion Holder

Your first cut will be 3 X 12, score at 1”, 2 3/4” and 7 9/16... do 7 3/4” if your not sure where there at is.   Set aside til later.

Then cut another the same color at 2 1/4 by 6, score at 1/2”, 1 1/2”, 4 1/2” and at 5 1/2”.  Turn and score at 1/4” on all four edges.  Taking this piece, fold on score lines with your Bone Folder.  Position it like I have in Step 2 and cut off the the 1/4” score area from the left and right flaps on each side, as shown above.  Using your Scallop Circle Punch, punch a hole a shown right in the center.  Add adhesive.  I used Scor-Pal tape because you can tear it with your fingers, Red line tape is fine.  Now sit this aside and grab the 3 X 12 one.

Bath and Body Works Lotion Holder (14)

With the 3 X 12 piece, fold on the score lines as shown in the photo above.  Taking the piece with the adhesive, line the edges up like shown below and adhere both sides.  Be sure to line it up nice and even along the edges and the 1” score line on the 3 X 12 piece.

      Bath and Body Works Lotion Holder (13)

Now, fold the 1” flap up onto the tape and then the back side up onto the tape.

Bath and Body Works Lotion Holder (12)

Bath and Body Works Lotion Holder (11)

Bath and Body Works Lotion Holder (8)

Here is what your Holder should look like on the inside.

Since 12” isn’t quite long enough for the flap to come all the way to the front and cover it to the bottom, I added the Tab Punch to the bottom of the front and this is where I will adhere my magnets to keep it closed. 

Bath and Body Works Lotion Holder (7)

Bath and Body Works Lotion Holder (6)

Bath and Body Works Lotion Holder (5)

 Bath and Body Works Lotion Finished

Decorate any way you’d like.  Aren’t they cool.  Here’s another option for the front flap.

Option:  omit the the 3 X 12 piece, cut your cardstock to 3 X 7 9/16 or 3 X 7 3/4, score at 1” and 2 3/4.  Cut another piece of cardstock to 3 X 5 3/4 and score at 1/2.  The 1/2 inch sits on the back as shown below.         Bath and Body Works Lotion Finished (3) Bath and Body Works Lotion Finished (4)


Below is the side view of the of the first one.  If you go back up 2 pictures you will see the difference in the side views of the two.Bath and Body Works Lotion Finished (7)   Bath and Body Works Lotion Finished (10)

I wanted her to think candy was inside.  That way she’ll really be surprised.  I hope you enjoyed my project today.  The idea for my Lotion Holder came from Jan over at Jan’s Stamping Creations where I found her tutorial for the little Antibacterial Hand Soaps you get at Bath and Body Works.  Using that idea, I created one for the tube hand lotions. 

Later in the week I will be posting the ones I made using the Antibacterial soaps.  They turned out so so cute!!!  I just keep adding to my list of who is going to get one.  They are so addictive to make, I’m up to 9 of them plus 4 of the Lotions. 

Supply note:  I used Blossom Party Die 115971 to make my flower out of Jolly Holiday DSP 117159.  The big button is from Deck the Halls Big Designer Buttons 121002.

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Linda Callahan said...

This is so clever - and cute! Plus the directions are super! Your cashiers are going to love these!

Mary Fish said...

clever idea with stunning results. hugs, m

Pam~ said...

Wish I was one of your cashiers ... these are adorable! Thanks for putting together all the photos on making them.

Ann Schach said...

Awesome, Carla! Thanks for sharing the details!

Kim said...

Oh so cute!!! Since I know you have my address... ;) LOL Thanks for the directions, I'll have to make some time (supposed to finally be moving Nov 19th!!!!!!)

Oh and thank you SO much for the GORGEOUS birthday card - as always a coloring masterpiece!!!

Regina Mangum said...

Okay, you are astounding! This is so incredible and I know what I'll be making for the ladies at my son's pre-schooL! By the way, you have lovely handwriting, which doesn't surprise me, sweet Carla! XOXO

lisa808 said...

Thank you for another great tutorial. These are so cute for gifts.

Joanna M said...

Super cute idea! Thank you for the tutorial!! I can't wait to give this a try!

Martha said...

This is just perfect!! What a wonderful idea and yours is gorgeous. Do you mind if I case this on my blog? Will refer to your tutorial.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! Let the new year will bring a lot of money

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post, great ))

Anonymous said...

Mm, its fantastic-/


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